Howard County Anesthesia Associates, PA (formerly known as John C. Payne, PA) has been providing high quality anesthesia services for patients since 1973 here at Howard County General Hospital (HCGH). 

Howard County Anesthesia Associates, PA is comprised of 20 board-certified anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists providing a variety of anesthetics for our impressive volume of surgical cases. Last year, more than 13,000 surgical cases were performed and we helped deliver more than 3,000 babies.

Although our anesthesia services assist almost all hospital departments, the bulk of Anesthesia care is seen in:

  1. The main Operating Rooms
  2. The Health Care and Surgery Center (TCAS/Same Day Surgery)
  3. Labor and Delivery Suite
  4. Interventional Radiology/Cath Lab
  5. Intensive Care Unit
  6. Emergency Department

What do anesthesiologists/nurse anesthetists do?

Anesthesiologists play a critical role before, during, and after surgery. They monitor and treat patientsí acute pain from the time surgery begins, while they are asleep, and until they have recovered and left the post anesthesia care unit (PACU). They diagnose and treat any medical problems that may arise during surgery or recovery and make informed medical decisions to protect and regulate critical life functions that may be affected by surgery.

Howard County Anesthesia Associates, PA also employs nurse anesthetists who assist with anesthesia care. Your safety and comfort during your surgical procedure are our primary goals and we do everything possible to help facilitate your recovery.